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Learn More About B. Thomas Bulldozing Inc.

In the early 1960’s, working in the construction industry brought Bernie to this area, which he chose to call home because of the milder climate. A northern Ontario boy, Bernie decided that Alban was as far south as he wanted to be and where he wanted to raise his family. Bernie and Madeleine married in 1964, but being on the road and never knowing where the next construction job would take him made for a difficult newlywed life. For several years Bernie worked the fuel delivery for a local supplier but soon realized that his heart still longed to work in construction as a bulldozer operator. In 1967, now a father to a 6-month old, he followed his dream and started his own business with his wife Madeleine. With meager beginnings and only one bulldozer, the business got off to a start. 

In 1985 the family business was incorporated as B. Thomas Bulldozing Inc.

In 1997, the business changed hands, but to a very reliable source: the oldest son, Richard, who grew up in the business, is known to treat his employees and clients with the utmost respect. He achieved his goal to expand the business by opening a quarry operation and creating full time employee positions, which grew the business to what it is today. He has full ownership and operates the business with his wife, Anne. 

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