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Engineers working with contruction machines and wearing helmets

Our Professional Construction Team

Allan Courchesne

In 1989, Allan joined our family business and was quickly recognized for his abilities and dedication to operate heavy equipment. Throughout the years, Allan tackled many construction projects with versatility. In 1997, at the turn over of management, Allan became the lead hand as excavator operator. His ability to work efficiently and his friendly charisma has always given us positive feedback from our clients.


We value his passion and loyalty. Cheers to over 30 years!


Marc Nadon

Marc has been with us for over 30 years. We value his dedication and loyalty. Throughout the years, his superior performance in trucking makes it so clients distinctly ask for Marc. He is known for his strong teamwork and problem-solving skills. Marc aims for perfection and achieves it!


Claude Michel

Claude joined us in 2006 as a heavy equipment operator. He is known as an excellent team player and gets the job done. His skills and ability to move material efficiently ensure that we safely meet our aggregate production goals. Claude is known for his sense of humour and quick wit!


Dan Roy

Dan was hired in 2008. He was quickly recognized for his meticulous skills as a welder. His sense of humour and quick wit is the first thing that comes to mind as it is simply enjoyable to work alongside him. Throughout his employment Dan has always been dependable and a great team player.


Ivon Courchesne

In 2009, Ivon joined the team as our crusher operator. His proficiency in operating the plant ensures safe production to meet our production goals. Aside from being humorous, Ivon is quite the team player! When it comes to not being afraid of hard work and physical labour, Ivon steps up to the plate!


Travis Udell

Travis was hired as a truck driver. He is a great team player and always ready to give out a helping hand.

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